Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thiery Henry's Fake move

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rates of The Cage

The rates:

$90/hr for peak periods (that's after 6pm on weekdays and the whole of the weekends)

$50/hr for off peak periods (before 6pm on weekdays)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Manchester United's Finest Goals!!

Results and match reports

Match Results will be recorded here:)

Those who are good in typing match report can help me also..:P

Upcoming Matches!

Details will be posted here IF there is any will be provided

Compilation of the BEST moves in the game

Nike vs Adidas

Hehehe......having worn both Nike and Adidas' soccer boots... lemme make some comparisons:p

  • lighter (better for running)
  • more comfortable
  • average designs
  • studs come out easily


  • abit heavier
  • more features such as the
  1. rubber linings (for better curling???...dunno cos ronaldinho wear Nike still can curl so power...)
  2. the shoelace pad (to cover the shoelaces and the knot so that it dun comes loose easily and can hit the ball better w/o the knot popping out)
  • nicer designs
  • durable (the studs dun drop easily...and also wun get "crocodile mouth" openings)


I think Nike is better as the added features that Adidas boots have dun make that much of a difference as it all boils down to your skills and technique for shooting or trying to curl the ball.

For me...I think the lightweight of Nike boots rox as it enables me to run faster and with more ease...the only thing i like about Adidas boots is the shoelace pad..which makes the top surface flat for better shooting from the top w/o the knot there...and also shoelaces dun come loose that easily

The next pair of boots I'd buy would be Nike....unless Adidas comes up with new boots that are as significantly lighter than the current versions:p

Training on 19 Feb

There'll be training this Sunday at Kismiss field at 9:30am!!

Please reply your attendance at the comments page!! thx!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pix from AGFC soccer camp 2005!

team photo outside room

team photo 2

walking a loooonnnngggggg way to the field

team photo during training

where is the ball??


still training...

train until no light...

finally going back...